a shadow of his former self

much lighter than he was before, very thin và weak After twenty years in prison, he was a shadow of his former self.

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command performance

command performance An occasion that one is obliged to attend, as in My boss"s invitations lớn dinner are always a command performance. This term originally (late 1800s) denoted a theatrical or musical performance presented at the behest of a sovereign or head of state. By the 1930s it was also used figuratively for any more or less obligatory occasion or performance.

conform to

1.be in agreement with与…相符All parts of superstructure which vì chưng not conform khổng lồ the size to the economic base must be trans formed.要改革。一切不适应经济基础的上层建筑。What he has done does not conform to the interests of the people.他所做的不符合人民的利益。2.obey;act in accordance with 遵从We must conform to the laws of the country.我们必须遵守国家的法律。All students must conform lớn the rules.所有学生都必须遵守校规。


In addition lớn the idiom beginning with form, also see run khổng lồ form; run lớn form.

form an opinion

Idiom(s): form an opinionTheme: DECISIONto think up or decide on an opinion. (Note the variations in the examples.)• I don"t know enough about the issue to form an opinion.• Don"t tell me how khổng lồ think! I can khung my own opinion.• I don"t size opinions without careful consideration.

form and substance

Idiom(s): form và substance
Theme: MEANINGmeaningful content; structure and meaningful content. (Fixed order.)• The first act of the play was one screaming match after another. It lacked form and substance throughout.• Jane"s report was good. The teacher commented on the excellent form & substance of the paper.


go formal Informal to lớn go dressed in evening clothes

gold mine of information

Idiom(s): gold mine of information
Theme: KNOWLEDGEsomeone or something that is full of information.• Grandfather is a gold mine of information about World War I.• The new encyclopedia is a positive gold mine of useful information.

in any way, shape or form

in any way, at all, in the least Winning the award didn"t affect her in any way, shape or form. She hasn"t changed at all.

in bad form|bad|bad form|form

adv. Phr. Violating social custom or accepted behavior. When Bob went khổng lồ the opera in blue jeans and without a tie, his father-in-law told him that it was in bad form. Antonym: IN GOOD FORM.

in conformity with

in agreement,accordance or harmony with;according to;in obedience to;in compliance with同意;遵照;依据;听从His kích hoạt was in conformity with the law.他的行为是合法的。All these are entirely in nhỏ formity with the interests and aspirations of the people of our two countries.这一切完全符合我们两国人民的利益和愿望。We should build our country in conformity with the principle of achieving greater,faster,better and more economical results.我们应按照多、快、好、省的原则建设我们的国家。

in good form|form|good form

Antonym: IN BAD FORM.

In perfect form

When something is as it ought to lớn be. Or, when used cynically, it may refer to someone whose excesses are on display; a caricature.


tell告诉Have you informed them of your intended departure?你已经把准备离开的事告诉他们了吗?


Hardly; unlikely; not so. Would I marry him? In a pig"s eye.

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see under gold mine.

information leak

(See have a leak)

inside information

facts available lớn those inside an organization I can get inside information. My friend works for the FBI.

mine of information|information|mine

n. Phr. A person, a book, etc., that is a valuable source of information. A dictionary can be a mine of information. He is a mine of information on the stock market.


the Reformation the 16th-cent. Religious movement that aimed at reforming the Roman Catholic Church & resulted in establishing the Protestant churches

run lớn form

run to lớn form
Also, run true lớn form. Act as one expects, especially in keeping with previous behavior. For example, She ran to form, arriving an hour late, or The door-to-door chiến dịch was running true lớn form, with solicitors always arriving at dinnertime. This term originally was used for race horses running as expected from their previous record; it was transferred khổng lồ human behavior in the late 1800s.

run true lớn form

follow a usual way;act as expected;agree with how a person usually acts一如往常;一贯;不失…之本色His action ran true to lớn form; he bothered his mother until she let him have his way.他和往常一样,缠着他妈妈直到她依了他才罢休。

run true to lớn form|form|run

v. Phr. To lớn follow a usual way; act as expected; agree with how a person usually acts. The little boy"s actions ran true to form. He bothered his mother until she gave him his way. Compare: PAR FOR THE COURSE.

The line forms on the right

Something"s meaning is becoming clear when the line forms on the right.

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true to form

Idiom(s): true to lớn form
Theme: TYPICALexactly as expected; following the usual pattern. (Often with running, as in the example.)• As usual, John is late. At least he"s true to lớn form.• và true to form, Mary left before the meeting was adjourned.• This winter season is running true to lớn form—miserable!


uniform with having the same form, appearance, etc. As

Worm information

If you worm information out of somebody, you persuade them lớn tell you something they wanted to keep from you.

take form

To develop over time. By the over of the meeting, our plan for the new project had begun to lớn take form. An idea was taking form in her mind as to lớn how she might remain in her father"s will.Learn more: form, take

take ˈform

(formal) gradually form into a particular shape; gradually develop: In her body toàn thân a new life was taking form.Learn more: form, takeLearn more: