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Judging by the title, most of you know about Rohto and Mentholatum already. After Hada Labo & Lip on Lip lipbalm, now is the CC cream! Some of Japanese famous Youtubers (Sekine Risa, haruxnyantv, and Mii from greenchan0714) already made tutorials using SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream Pink Bright type. The name of mine is SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream Pink Bright Type AB Cream L Pure Natural (スガオ エアーフィット CCクリーム ピンクブライト ピュアナチュラル). That"s why, I"m curious on how it really works for my face. You can tell that it"s my first CC cream I owned. I have tried Etude House, but it"s only a sample. That was an annoying experience of trying a CC cream because it"s very oily and didn"t cover anything. It made me "don"t want to buy any CC cream because BB cream can vì anything".

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Yeah, packaging is pretty in pink and bright color, I would be able khổng lồ notice it if it"s sold in drugstore. But it"s kind of cute to địa chỉ something like handwriting on the plastic wrap. My sister actually thought it was someone naughty who made the black writing texts.
I"ll talk about SUGAO. The model for SUGAO is Miyazaki Aoi. Bởi you know her? I do, but I don"t follow her in movie or drama, except NANA. She was born in 1985. That makes her age 30! Wow, she"s very cute. I would think of her as in 18-19 years old with that face, especially in SUGAO"s advertisement or when she"s smiling. SUGAO already launched Air Fit CC Cream Smooth Type (matte) and Moist Type (dewy) earlier. But now, they go hyper for the Pink Bright Type. The same as earlier type, Pink Bright also have two shades, Pure Natural (light skin) và Pure Ochre (yellow skin). The Pink Bright have pink color on its shade khổng lồ brighten up skin with soft-focus effect & glitters. The finish is pink transparent feeling.

Doesn"t Miyazaki Aoi still have teenager"s face? I wouldn"t be surprised if she get role as high school girl.
With SPF23 / PA+++, it"s suitable khổng lồ be used alone. Mine is in pure natural, the lightest shade. About the texture, everyone on Youtube were amazed by how smooth và soufflé-like the cream is. This really made me curious and bought one for myself to try. More of it, it is made by Rohto. I have tried Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk. Even though it was produced here, it"s very good as my sunscreen & make-up base, no-sticky feeling.

The look of the tube. With glossy pink cap and I don"t know what"s the blank pink dot above "O" means.

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Sorry, it"s a bit blur. I"m too lazy to lớn capture again, but it"s almost clear lớn read, right? It can be used as a foundation because it have little coverage too.
The tube kích cỡ is thin, unlike my Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream or Kiss Me Heroine Make Protect UV BB Cream. But it"s long so don"t worry. Khổng lồ apply the cream, I can only put a little of it around my face & it can cover up well (means I can see some changing).

So, what kind of feeling I have when putting this on my face? First, when I squeezed the cream out, it isn"t oily at all. The feeling is lượt thích Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur. Matte và smooth. I could press on it like a real soufflé!! That"s exaggerating, but yeah, it"s unlike any of BB cream I"ve tried. When I applied it on my face, just tiny bit would cover half of my face. The texture is still smooth & matte, not changing. As for coverage, it can cover a bit of my dark circle and a few acne marks, but maybe still need a concealer for some redness around nose. But! The finish have glittery particles on the first application!!! It"s similar when I used Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact, which also have glitters. But it will gradually disappears as time goes by, with slightly bit of shimmers. See pictures below:
The coverage is minimum, but it covers a bit redness and uneven color on cheek. Though a bit hard to lớn cover redness around nose. The area where I applied the cream is brighter than my bare face.
Can you see some glitters? It"s not that obvious from far, though. I didn"t use any eyeshadow at that time. But the glitter will sink into matte finish one by one.
I have tried wearing it for work and it stayed well the entire day. Because it"s very light và the finish is matte, I feel like I"m not wearing anything. It"s true, I can swear of it. My skin is smooth like baby-skin. For me, pure natural shade isn"t too white. I can compare it with my hand, và my hand màu sắc is lighter than my face. So it"s still natural for someone who has the same skintone as me or slightly below (I have never tested what kind of NC / NW my skin is). It doesn"t sink into my smile lines and stays still on my chin. You know that many foundation or cream tends to get drier around chin, right? & also around nose. But the CC Cream just sink into my dry parts around nose (because I didn"t moisturized well, it"s hard to moisturized my nose) & not for chin.

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For that day, I used Rohto Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk (surprisingly, there is too much of it in one bottle), Rohto SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream Pink Bright Pure Natural, Rimmel Chocolat Sweet Eyes #007, Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over màu sắc OR202 as blusher, Canmake Candy Wrap Lip #03.
I lượt thích this when my skin have no trouble, ex: hormonal acne every month. But if you got acne, you need to cover with concealer. As for me, I will choose my other BB creams because I have too many of it (around 4 tubes & 3 cushions). The SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream Pink Bright fits for natural base makeup to lớn try looking bright & fresh as if it"s our second skin. The matte finish won"t give oily looking skin for hours và it doesn"t sink too much into my lines on face. If I have rating, I would give this 7/10 if not for less coverage & glitters at the beginning. But I think I"ll repurchase after I finished this first tube. Though it will be a long time (again) because I have too many base makeup now... (I wish I didn"t buy too many of it, including the unpredictable Kiss Me Heroine Make)