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Who’s interested in a light-weight and pimple-safe moisturizer that smells great và is easy on the pocket? If you are, read on as today’s nhận xét on Shiseido Aqualabel white Up Emulsion S promises a decent beauty purchase.

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Should you use an Emulsion or Cream? 

Before we move on, let’s digress a little. Should you use an emulsion or a face cream?

Emulsion is a lighter version of cream and is suitable for those with normal to oily skin, or who just wants a light layer of moisture before applying a cream moisturizer over it. 

Emulsion tend khổng lồ be more runny & diluted than cream

I tend to use emulsion in the day for the following reasons:

1) Layering face with multiple products

In the day, I use a few layers of products beneath và over the moisturizer, such as vitamin c serum, sun screen, makeup base và foundation. It is important that each layer is lightweight so as not lớn overwhelm & suffocate the skin.

2) Daytime heat increases sebum

To counter the year-long summer heat in Singapore, I prefer a lightweight moisturizer in the day. Shiseido Aqualabel trắng Up Emulsion S with a more diluted formula came in handy.

What’s Good about Aqualabel white Up Emulsion? 

1. It’s Cheap!

Shiseido Aqualabel white Up Emulsion S retails for S$26.90 in Singapore. In Japan, it was priced at Y1296 (inclusive of taxes) which makes it about $15. That’s a whopping 44% discount, & you know why it’s included in my Japan must-buy list.

Even if you don’t get it in Japan, it’s still a really affordable moisturizer considering how much quantity is packed into the bottle. 

How much bởi you normally get for a bottle of moisturizer?



Shiseido Aqualabel White-up Emulsion S gives us 130ml of goodness.

2. Lightweight, Great for Layering

I love the texture – lightweight yet providing sufficient moisture khổng lồ the skin. Shiseido Aqualabel white Up Emulsion S absorbs within seconds leaving behind a light veil of hydration with ZERO stickiness.




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Light, barely there texture

Do chú ý that this xanh bottle of emulsion comes in two variants, labelled with S & R separately:

–> S (Light)

–> R (Moisturizing)

The one labeled with ‘S’ is meant for those with normal to lớn combination skin và is the one I’m reviewing today. If you have dry skin, grab the ‘R’ bottle, or look for the red sản phẩm line which is the “Moisture” series..

3. Smells so Good…

Shiseido Aqualabel trắng up Emulsion

It’s personal, but I’m loving the scent of Shiseido Aqualabel trắng Up Emulsion S.

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Although the fragrance was described as a rose-mist scent, I thought otherwise. For the record, I’m not a fan of rose fragrance. Thankfully, Shiseido Aqualabel emulsion smells nothing lượt thích rose.

Instead, it was a refreshing & distinct fragrance that reminded me of ocean. If anything, it was more citrusy than floral.

4. No pimples

This hàng hóa is safe for my pimple-prone skin. No clogging or break outs. Yay! I can see myself emptying this large bottle of moisturizer.

5. No Additional Dark Spots 

This xanh series of Shiseido Aqualabel hàng hóa line is the whitening range. The White Up products contain whitening ingredients such as m-tranexamic acid which is said to lớn be effective in preventing dark spots.

Ingredient List

From the time I started using this emulsion, I did not develop additional dark spots. However, I am less inclined to lớn attribute that solely to lớn the use of Shiseido Aqua Label trắng Up Emulsion S. Religious application of sunscreen and Vitamin C serum help too. 

What’s Bad? 

1. Large Bottle Opening 

The hole where the lotion pours out from is too large (0.8cm) & makes it look lượt thích a cheap hàng hóa (which it is, ha ha). Considering how runny the hàng hóa is, you need to apply timely brake unless you want enough lotion to cover your hands và legs.

Still, it’s not exactly a big issue, as a few days of ‘training’ was all it took to retrain my lotion-dispensing habit. 

Large opening

2. No Obvious Whitening

I’m not a firm believer that off-the-shelf products can do miracles to lớn skin. Such easily-accessible products are controlled by general regulations and aren’t allowed to lớn penetrate too deeply into the skin. Unlike prescription beauty items, such mass products seldom produce significant và visible improvement. 

Hence, I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t notice much lightening of my skin tone. There wasn’t any expectation in the first place. I’d bought this for its light-weight attribute as a basic daytime moisturizer.

3. Not Great for Sensitive Skin

This hàng hóa contains alcohol và fragrance which may not be great for those with sensitive skin

Ingredient List


Shiseido Aqualabel white Up Emulsion S is an affordable basic moisturizer for those with normal lớn oily skin. Although my skin has been getting more dehydrated over the years (aging process), I still find this lotion useful since I vì pile on multiple layers of beauty products. Just don’t expect any significant whitening khổng lồ take place. If whitening is your concern, I recommend that you invest in a good vi-ta-min c serum instead. Rating 4/5.

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