Lỗi Your League Of Legends Files Are Corrupt


In this post, we will show you how to lớn fix Steam corrupt update files error on Windows PC. The “corrupt update files” error is one of the errors faced by Steam users. It primarily occurs when you attempt to download a new trò chơi that you just bought or update an existing trò chơi on Steam. It may occur due to a nguồn cut or a corrupted download. Multiple users have reported being experiencing this error. It is another annoying error as you can’t play a Steam trò chơi unless the updates are installed completely. So, fixing this error becomes important.

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We are going lớn discuss all the possible methods that would help you resolve this error on Windows 11/10 PC. Follow these working methods and you will be able to lớn get rid of this error. Before the fixes, let us try to lớn understand the possible causes of this error.

Why vì chưng my Steam games keep getting corrupted?

There can be different reasons for different users lớn encounter corrupt update files error on Steam. The most common causes of this error include the following reasons:In case BSOD or nguồn outage interrupted the Steam game downloading process, it might have corrupted your tải về files, & hence you are getting the corrupt update files error.If there are problems on your hard disk drive where you have installed Steam, it might result in this error. A corrupted hard disk drive might be interrupting or terminating your game downloading process with this error.The downloaded files may have become corrupted.

How to Fix Steam Corrupt Update Files error on Windows PC

Here are the methods to fix the corrupt update files error on Steam on your Windows PC:Rename the download Folder.Delete the Active tải về Folder.Change the tải về Folder.Delete download Cache.Verify the integrity of the trò chơi files.Repair the Steam Library folder.Run Disk Error Check.Reinstall the Steam client.Let us now discuss the above-listed solutions in detail!1> Rename the download FolderYou try renaming the download folder and see if the error is fixed. Renaming your download folder will reset all your downloads or updates và might enable you lớn fix the issue. To vì chưng that, here are the steps to lớn follow:First, mở cửa the installation directory of Steam which is by default located at C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86).Then, xuất hiện the Steamapps folder.Now, select the Downloading folder.Next, rename this folder like DownloadingNew or something else.After that, relaunch Steam và see if you are able to download your trò chơi without any error.Read: An error occurred while installing or updating the Steam game2> Delete the Active download FolderYou can also try deleting the download folder for the trò chơi that was giving you this error. Each trò chơi has different tải về folders in the Steam installation directory. After deleting the active download folder, you can attempt to tải về or update the game và then see if the issue is fixed or not. Here are the steps for doing so:Firstly, go to lớn the Steamapps > Downloading thư mục in the installation directory of Steam; you will most probably find it here > C:Program FilesSteamSteamappsDownloading.Now, check for the download folder for your trò chơi that you were trying to tải về or update; select that folder.Next, delete the selected tải về folder.After that, restart the Steam client and kiểm tra if you are able to download or update the trò chơi without the corrupt update files error.Read: How to lớn repair Steam Client on Windows PC.3> Change the tải về FolderIf the above methods don’t work, try changing the download/ Steam library folder. If there is corruption in the hard disk partition or Steam Library folder, you should be able to fix it by changing the download location. To change Steam Library or download folder, you can follow the below steps:Start the Steam client và press the Steam > Settings option.From the Settings, click on the download option.Then, tap on the Steam Library Folders option.Now, from the pop-up dialog, press the add Library thư mục button.After that, choose a different drive and folder and then click the Select button.Finally, exit the Settings window và then try download or updating your game.See: Fix Steam stuck on Allocating disk space on Windows4> Delete download CacheAnother method that you can try to lớn fix is lớn clear up all the tải về cache và unnecessary download files to get rid of any kind of corruption. Here are the steps to vì that:
Firstly, start the Steam client.Now, go to lớn the Steam menu present at the vị trí cao nhất toolbar.Next, click on the Settings option.In the Settings window, move to the Downloads tab.From here, tap on the Clear download Cache option.Finally, exit the Steam client and then restart it to check if the issue is gone.5> Verify the integrity of the trò chơi filesIn case there are corrupted or missing trò chơi files, you might experience the corrupt update files error on Steam. So, checking the integrity of the game files will help you resolve the error. Follow the below steps for that:First, launch Steam & then click on the Library thực đơn from the vị trí cao nhất toolbar.Then, click the Games option.Now, right-click on the game that is giving you the corrupt update files error.From the right-click menu, click the Properties option.Next, move khổng lồ the Local Files tab, & from here, press the Verify integrity of trò chơi files button.Wait for the verification process khổng lồ end & then recheck if you are able to tải về or update the trò chơi without this error.6> Repair the Steam Library folder
If the problem lies with the Steam Library folder, you can try repairing it to fix the issue. There is an option to repair the Steam library folder that you can use to do that. Here are the exact steps to find & use this option:First, start the Steam client & go to lớn the Steam > Settings option.Now, move lớn the Downloads tab.In the Downloads tab, press the Steam Library Folders.Next, select and right-click on the Steam Library Folder.From the context menu, tap on the Repair Library thư mục option.Steam will now attempt to check and repair problems associated with the folder. When the process is completed, see if you can tải về or update your trò chơi without any error.7> Run Disk Error CheckThis error on Steam may also arise if there are corruptions on the drive where you have installed the Steam client. If the scenario applies, you can try to lớn scan your disk for errors và then repair them. This solution has worked for many & might just for you as well.On Windows 11/10, you can use the inbuilt disk error checker tool called CHKDSK. Simply run CHKDSK check for the drive where you have installed your Steam games and let it fix the drive error if any. After that, you can relaunch the Steam client và continue with downloading your games.

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Tip: check Hard Disk for Errors, Health, Bad Sectors in Windows.8> Reinstall the Steam clientIf none of the above solutions work for you, the last resort is to start with a fresh installation of the Steam app. A lot of time corrupted or incomplete installation of a program may cause such errors. However, you should try it last if nothing else works.Before anything, make sure you have taken a backup for all library folders that you wouldn’t want lớn lose. After that, uninstall the Steam client using the Settings ứng dụng or a không tính phí third-party uninstaller. When the uninstallation is done, download the latest version of the Steam client & install it on your PC. You can now launch Steam and hopefully, you won’t see the corrupt update files error again.Tip: How lớn Install Steam và Manage Steam Games

How vì chưng I fix corrupted updates on Steam?

All the above-discussed methods might help your fix corrupted updates on Steam. Additionally, you can try changing the tải về region, disabling your antivirus, etc.

How bởi vì you fix a corrupted disk?

A corrupted disk can be fixed using CHKDSK- the built-in utility provided in Windows PC. Just right-click on the corrupted hard disk that you want lớn fix và then click on the Properties option from the context menu. Then, move to the Tools tab in the Properties window & click on the kiểm tra button present under the Error Checking option. It will then attempt to check the disk for any errors và try lớn repair them. You can also use the không tính phí CHKDSK alternative disk error checking software to fix bad sectors và corruption on a hard drive.

Does uninstalling Steam delete games?

Uninstalling Steam will delete the entire installation directory from your PC including games, downloaded files, & other content. You might need lớn uninstall Steam if it is not working properly. However, if you want khổng lồ uninstall & then reinstall Stem without losing your games, make sure khổng lồ take a backup of all your games and other folders that you would lượt thích to preserve.That’s it! Hope this article finds a suitable method to resolve corrupt update files error on Steam.Now read:Fix New Steam library thư mục must be writable errorFix Not enough disk space – Steam error on Windows.

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