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Get Closer With Popular Korean Actress Da-hae

Da-hae is one of the most popular actresses in Korea and debuted in 2001. She became famous after starring in several dramas such as My Girl, The Slave Hunters, and Hotel King. She has also done quite a bit of crossover work in China. Well trained in traditional Korean dances, Da-hae entered show business after winning the Miss Chunhyang pageant in 2001.

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She performed small và supporting roles in South Korean television dramas và landed her first lead role with Lotus Flower Fairy in 2004. She was immediately accepted by the audience, & she went on to lớn win the Best New Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her role.

In December 2013, Da-hae filed defamation charges against internet users who spread malicious rumors claiming she was involved in an upscale celebrity prostitution ring. Prosecutors cleared Da-hae of the allegations, stating that she was not one of the entertainers being investigated.

Let’s get to know more about Da-hae, the popular Korean actress!

Full Profile of Lee Da-hae

https://crushonleedahae.files.wordpress.comBirth Name: Byun Da-haeStage Name: Lee Da-haeDate of Birth: April 19, 1984Age: 38 (Korean Age); 37 (International Age)Profession: Actress và ModelHeight: 170 cm (5’7″)Weight: 47 kilogam (103.6 lbs)Blood Type: OZodiac: AriesReligion: ChristianityEducation: Ilshin Girls’ Commercial High School, Konkuk University (Film Studies)Hobby: Watching moviesLanguages: Korean, English, Chinese, và JapaneseAgency: JS Pictures

Interesting Facts About Lee Da-hae

wikifamouspeople.com Lee Da-hae is well known for being fluent in Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese.Lee Da-hae is gaining huge popularity in đài loan trung quốc thanks to lớn her good Chinese which allowed her to lớn be the first Korean actress to speak her lines in Mandarin, displaying her linguistic skills in Chinese dramas.Lee Da-hae’s birth name is Byun Da-hye, but she later changed to Lee Da-hae as her stage name.Lee Da-hae and her family moved to Sydney, Australia, when she was in the fifth grade.Even though she was born in South Korea, her nationality is Australian.Throughout her adolescence, Lee Da-hae performed traditional Korean dances at various festivals and was known as the “Korean Dancer Girl” at school.Her years of living abroad & studying in nước australia allowed her to lớn become fluent in English and Chinese.During her junior year at Burwood Girls High School, Lee Da-hae & her mother moved back to Seoul so she could pursue an acting career after winning a pageant while on leave from school.Lee Da-hae now lives with her mother in Seoul while her father & her older brother still reside in Sydney.

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Who Is Lee Da-hae’s Husband?


Da-hae is currently not married, but she is in a special relationship with Se7en. Previously, she dated her co-star from the drama Hotel King, Lee Dong-Wook. They were in a relationship for about a year. Lee Dong-Wook & Da-hae looked incredibly sweet together as a couple. Even now that they are separated, they still maintain a good relationship as friends.


In 2016, Da-hae confirmed that she was dating Se7en, or Choi Dong-Wook. Da-hae shared her love story with Choi Dong-Wook on a television show. Da-hae first talked about how she met Se7en. She said, “I knew him, but we were not close. After he returned from the military, a friend of mine who knew him called me và said he was with them & asked me if I would lượt thích to join. I thought, ‘Se7en? Drink with Se7en?’ At the time, my thoughts were the same as the public. I’m also a celebrity, but it was a selfish thought.”


However, Da-hae ultimately decided khổng lồ go out for drinks and said, “If I did not go out with that thought engraved in my mind, then I think it would have been the decision that I regret the most in my life.” She continued khổng lồ express affection for Se7en, saying, “He said that I was a great tư vấn for him when he was not mentally relaxed, and Se7en, being a bright, positive guy, was a big encouragement to lớn me.”

Next, Da-hae shared that her mother was a big help in strengthening their relationship. She revealed that Se7en wanted to lớn meet her mom after they officially started dating. She explained, “He knows the rumors about himself so I think he wanted to lớn give assurance lớn my mom. His thoughts were very beautiful.”


According to lớn Lee Da-hae, when the news broke out, Se7en showed concern & said, “Should we just say that we’re in the process of getting to know each other?” However, she responded, “Our relationship is just that?” and emphasized that she wanted to lớn be honest.

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As for the paparazzi at their “secret” but not-so-secret vacation, Lee Da-hae said, “We even did the ticketing separately and chose local airports. We got on the same airplane, but there were not any Koreans. The flight attendants were also not Korean. I called him over và played around, but it turned out that one of the flight attendants was friends with a Korean reporter.”


At some point, Da-hae was rumored to lớn have a relationship with actor Li Yi Feng. The two became close after they shot a film in L.A. However, FNC Entertainment và Da-hae quickly disproved the news.