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Fifa Online 3 deserves lớn be the best online football game today. The article summarizing shortcuts khổng lồ goals in FIFA Online 3 has fully synthesized the shortcuts for online coaches lớn show their opponents after each beautiful goal. We invite you to lớn follow us.

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FIFA Online 3 is a famous online football game with a large number of players released by Garena. Participating in FIFA Online 3, you will be transformed into Coaches who build a squad according lớn your own preferences and tactics so that you can penetrate the opponent’s net. Of course, after every beautiful goal, celebrating those goals is indispensable. The following article has combined Shortcut to celebrate goals in FIFA Online 3 in the most complete way so that you can satisfy the performance after the goals.



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Note: The Fifa Online shortcuts given in parentheses are the ones you must hold during the goal celebration, & the Fifa Online shortcuts that are not in brackets need only be pressed once. There will also be key combinations, so you need to pay attention to lớn press correctly & fully

Shortcut khổng lồ celebrate goals in basic Fifa Online 3

– (Q) + (D): Kneel with both hands in the air (like Robbie Keane).

– (Q) + (A): Kneeling with one hooker represents victory.

– (Q) + (W): Stretch your stomach và raise your hands to lớn the sky.

– (Q) + (S): One-handed hook punches show victory (similar khổng lồ Van Persie style).

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– (Q) + 66: Turn a circle on the ground and then sit with your hands up lớn the sky lớn show victory.

– (Q) + 44: Standing “average ton” punching with two hands continuously shows victory.

– (Q) + 8624: Turn around on the ground and then stand up khổng lồ punch.

– (Q) + (F3): Jump up and punch around from the outside lớn the inside.

– (Q) + 82 or (Shift) + (Q) + ↑ + ↓: Bend over with your hands in front of your chest to greet the audience.

– Q + 28 or (Shift) + (Q) + ↓ + ↑: Slip his stomach on the ground & then stand up and punch.

– (C) + (Z): Impromptu dance (like Ronaldinho).

– (C) + 2828: 2 hands in a row pointing to lớn the sky.

– (C) + (E) + 64: Celebrate lullaby.

– (C) + (E) + 66: Boxing celebrates a goal.

– (C) + (F3): Jump robot.

– (C) + 888: Raise both hands repeatedly calling for cheers from the audience.

– (E) + 88: Turn 1 round in the air.

– (Shift) + ↓ + → + ↑: Raise your hand to your ear & listen lớn the audience.


Other celebratory keystrokes in FIFA Online 3

If you’ve mastered the above types of celebrations, you may want to try other types of celebrations that are unique và of course a little more challenging.

Z + Ctrl + Shift + → ← → + D: Acrobatic style 1.

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Z + Ctrl + Shift + ← → → ← + D: Acrobatic style 2.

Ctrl + Shift + + A: Acrobatic style 3.

Q + Z: Urges “Hurry up!!!”.

Q + Ctrl + Down + Up: Sliding grass.

Q + Ctrl + Up + Down: Salute khổng lồ the fans.

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Q + Ctrl + ↑ → ←: Flip + “Yesss”.

Shift + →: Make a windmill.

Shift + ↑ ↓: Hand pointing khổng lồ the sky.

Shift + Z: Jump và turn.

E + Ctrl + ↑: Jumping people.

Shift +: Up is khổng lồ be on the up.

Shift + ↑: Grass slide + Face down.

– Shift +: Kneel on one leg và pray.

– W: <Đang chạy> Raise two hands: / A: Look at me here.

D: <Đang chạy> Raise 1 hand / S: Do aerobatics.

Ctrl + ↓: <Đang chạy> Knot winds.

Ctrl + →: <Đang chạy> “Shhhhhh!”.

Ctrl + ↓: <Đang chạy> Making Zombies.

Ctrl + ↑: <Đang chạy> Masked.

Ctrl + ←: <Đang chạy> “Do you hear me?”

Ctrl + → : <Đang chạy> Switch hands & raise.

Ctrl + ← →: <Đang chạy> “It’s good to come in”.

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In the trò chơi Fifa Online 3 there are many beautiful special characters, you can use the beautiful characters in Fifa Online 3 to name your character, details table of special characters in Fifa Online 3 here hopes that through the general article Shortcut to celebrate goals in FIFA Online 3 Online coaches will well understand these winning celebration shortcuts and can master them in their matches. Wish you have hours of fun playing the game.

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